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Read More, Historical Weapons and Goods in Colrain, MA


Read More, Historical Weapons and Goods in Colrain, MA


Read More, Historical Weapons and Goods in Colrain, MA
Enjoy an artistic reproduction of classic, historical knives when you shop with Bladesmith.com. In addition to our blades, we offer sturdy and well-made leather sheaths. Keep your favorite rifle safe with one of our historically accurate rifle scabbards. Made of hide and beads, our scabbards make for great family heirlooms. Enjoy practicality and gorgeous design when you purchase one of our medicine bags or possible bags. We handcraft these using deerskin and other hides. As with all our goods and weapons, these bags are historically accurate.

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About Us

Bladesmith.com in Colrain, Massachusetts, handcrafts accurate reproductions of historical weapons and goods. We stand behind every product we make and respect our customers as people, allowing us to generate long-standing relationships with our clients.

Company Mission Statement:

We produce Historical Blades, Hawks, Long Rifles and custom Knives and Sheathes. We create Historical Reproductions of 17th to early 19th century Blades, muzzle loading rifles,smooth bore guns,custom leather Possible, Medicine and Game bags as well as beaded Sheaths, rifle Covers, Moccasins, and Clothing. We also do Repairs. It is always our goal to produce beautiful, durable, fairly priced goods for Reenactors and Collectors alike.

George M. Sweeney (Bladesmith)

I have been handcrafting Frontier and Native American knives for more than 20 years. I also make primitive Copper bladed knives, Bear Jaw Fighters, custom Bowies, chef knives, and knives of any kind you need. You can forward me a picture of any knife of your choosing and I will handcraft it for you. I forge blades and use the stock removal process. All my knives come with custom-built sheaths.

Geroge M Sweeney Bladesmith


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